Tiled homes are very popular nowadays. With tiled floors houses not only look beautiful but also look neat and clean.

Tiled floor kitchens also look great. They are very easy to clean.

The kitchen is the main area of a kitchen in which the mother cooks food and children also stay around and do their work.

The kitchen is the area which is in all-time use and remains wet.

So tiled floors have a risk of slipping which can be dangerous. So it is very wise to cover your kitchen with floor mats.

Kitchen floor mats will reduce the noise on the floor and also it prevents the dirt from the shoes and also give little comfort to the feet.

The kitchen floor mats not only look beautiful but also have many benefits. A lot of kitchen mats available in the market.

Kitchen mats are made up of different materials. They can be of carpets material, rubber and vinyl.

This article will help you in buying the best kitchen mat for you and also suggest some top-ranked mats available on amazon.

Why You Should Need The Best Kitchen Mats for Tile Floors

You need a kitchen mat for a tiled floor for the following reasons.

  • The tiled floor is very cold, especially in winter. So covering the floor with a mat is good to give the feeling of warmth.
  • The tiled floor becomes very slippery when wet so it is wise to put on a mat on the floor to prevent any incident.
  • Sometimes you go in your kitchen without your slippers off so mats will feel you comfortable.
  • Walking on the floor mats becomes so comfortable and noise-free.
  • If your tiles are old and you don’t have much money to change them so floor mats are the best to cover your ugly floor.
  • You have to stand in the kitchen for a long time so will it not good to stand on a soft surface? It will lessen the pressure of the hard floor on the feet. So if you have a lot of work to do in the kitchen always place it on the floor.
  • Mostly when glass utensils fall on the floor they break. But if the mat is present, there is less risk of that loss.
  • You can place them at the entrance of your kitchen. When someone or your pet enters the kitchen they will wipe their feet on it so in this way mat will help in the protection of the kitchen from dirt.

Best 5 Product Reviews Of The Best Kitchen Mats for Tile Floors

A vast variety of choices can make a buyer confuse for buying things of their choice. The same is the case with kitchen mats.

A large variety of mats are available in the market.

If you are going to buy them here are some of the products which are available on Amazon.

You will know about the products and reasons to buy them or reject them.

1. Prosource Fit Puzzle Exercise Mat

This mat is beneficial and safe for a workout without providing any harm to the body.

Pieces that interlock are easy to assemble and you can carry anywhere easily.

It has a dense textured foam that gives a comfortable and smooth base for weight lifting benches, dumbbells, kettlebells, and other floor exercises.

Each tile covers the area of 24” x 24” x ½” that is thick from the above point. For a complete polished look, they have 6 tiles and 12 end borders

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  • These are protective, durable having a surface that prevents skidding and provides relax workout space without damaging the floor
  • These are easy to clean, don’t create any noise and are waterproof.
  • Along with the use for the workout, these are also beneficial for garages, home fitness rooms and children play areas.
  • Having an air wipe with air dry and do not contain any toxic material.


  • They can be slippery so you have to take antiskid pads to put under it.
  • They don’t retain their shape after a long time f use.

2. Vinyl Floor Mat by mannington

This vinyl floor mat is perfect addition of style in your home for any kind of floor at any place i-e in the kitchen as pet food mat.

It can also use an entryway mat or in the mudroom as a place to store shoes.

This vinyl floor mat aids in the decoration of homemaking your kitchen, dining table, and entrance and rooms more stylish.

They are beneficial to protect the floor from damages erode and friction.. They are available in different sizes: 2′ x 3′, 2′ x 6′ runner, 4′ x 4′ and 6′ x 8′.

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  • This vinyl floor mat is easy to clean and maintain by using simply a damp cloth
  • It is water proof as well as strain and fade resistant.
  • It has durable design which adds comfort under feet and can be place anywhere in the home.
  • It is available in variety of designs and unique colors which are helpful in making your home more stylish
  • You can also use it in high traffic areas of your home such as front of door as entrance mat because they are able to prevent floor from messes and damages.


  • Vinyl floor mat can be slippery when wet.

3. Set of 2 Interlocking Floor Gray Tiles by foghorn construction

These two interlocking floor gray tiles have vast uses around the home.

They are also beneficial to use in pools side, cars, boat kennels.

11.5 flexible tiles snap together in a square to make any shape.

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  • They can also be used as carpet alternative and are easier to clean
  • They can be cut by using sharp knives in order to use them for any other uses such as pipes, curves, seat posts etc.
  • They can be installed easily and simply by hands without using any tools
  • Another benefit of these tiles is that they are weatherproof and UV resistant.
  • They can be used in the bathtub as well.
  • Cleanup of these tiles is very easy can be clean by using soap and any soft brush


  • It is not very comfortable for the feet.
  • Its grip is not so strong so it cannot fix at the stop

4. Forest Floor 3/8 Inch Thick Printed Foam Tiles

These tiles make a woody style floor that creates a stylish unique look.

They are perfect to use in the living room guest room basement garage washroom etc.

Their important role is in providing a relaxing and comfortable floor under feet.

These tiles are available in 24” X 24” with 3/8” thickness or 5/8” thickness for the firm cushion that reduces the impact on joints

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  • They provide support to joints, lessen the strains on feet, lower body part and back muscles while standing on them during work in the kitchen garage or in office.
  • They are more suitable to place in front of door or in gym for yoga or exercise.
  • Each tile has two detachable border pieces that are easy to fit together.
  • They can be assembled easily making puzzles appear.


  • Sometimes its part do not stay together.

5. Rubber-Cal 03_126_INT_WBK”Dura-Chef Interlock” Anti-Fatigue Rubber Matting

These mats are a rubber matting that is available in a 5/8 -inch x 3ft x 3ft size.

They are mostly used for kitchen floors and are made from original rubber ingredients.

These tiles are able to interlock multiple tiles that are moveable and provide protection to the floor.

These mats are individually moveable, easy to clean and each tile weighs only 18 lbs.

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  • These rubber mats are softer than concrete floor providing a relaxed and comfortable floor to stand or walk around.
  • These mats are easy to install and can be clean up easily by using any cleanser and a soft brush.
  • The important factor of this product is that they are non-slip.
  • These mats have small holes on the surface which allows the movement of liquid making the surface clean.


  • It is no very long-lasting and can be cracked after some time.
  • It gives bad odor. As they are made up of rubber so its smell is just like tiers.

How to choose kitchen mats for tile floors

Are you going to buy mats for your kitchen? If you don’t have an idea about what are the most important factors to check before buying a floor mat than this part of the article will help you?

Always keep these few points in your mind before buying kitchen mats if you have a tiled floor.

  1. As your floor tiles are of the same color as your shelves tiles. You have a specific color theme in your kitchen then you must have to match your mat with the tiles.
  2. As your tiles floor is slippery. Your mat can also slip over it. So always choose a mat that has more grip and is non-slippery. Otherwise, you have to pay it with an accident.
  3. If your most of the time is spent in the kitchen. Especially if you are baker than it is obvious that you to spend most of the time in cake decorating. So you always try to take that mat which is foamy and thick. It will give you a comfortable feel and relax your joints while standing.
  4. Kitchen is the busiest area of the house and it may also get dirty. If you have placed a mat there it will also get messy. So always check the stuff of mat and buy that mat which is easy to clean.
  5. Mats can be placed at different areas of the kitchen. It can be put in the entrance, near the sink area, near the fridge, in the center of the kitchen. So always take that mat which meets your need.

Top Features Of a kitchen mat

  1. Mostly kitchen mats are made up of polyurethane, rubber and carpet material. Best kitchen mat is that which can bear washing agents and in more durable.
  2. Kitchen mats are normally safe to washing. Water-resistant mats are also available but they are also easy to clean and don’t get damaged by water.
  3. The good kitchen are very comfortable and safe. They can be used to prevent foot ache and joint pain while standing.
  4. Mostly kitchen mats are non-slippery also are very safe.
  5. As these mats are used inside of homes so they are made with such material which is nontoxic. And also they don’t release any type of harmful gases.
  6. These kitchen mats have different thicknesses and sizes so here is a lot of choice for customers.

Buying Guides Of a kitchen mats for tile floors

Many different types of kitchen mats are available and have different uses.

Always focus on your need of buying a mat and then go to take it.

Here is a brief guide which will help you in buying a kitchen mat for you.

  1. If you want to buy a kitchen mat just for comfort purposes than there are many anti-fatigue mats available in the market. These mats are thick and spongy and have very comfortable feel. Anti-fatigue mat is the best option for you.
  2. If you are going to buy a mat for area which is often wet or moisture then go with mat which has water-resistant properties. If you are going to take it for sink area, under the fridge, school and college hallways or for elevators then they are best for you.
  3. In your tiled floor kitchen use extra padded mats because they will give warmth feeling.
  4. Near cabinets you have to use thick padded mats because they will prevent breaking of dishes in case of falling.
  5. Always buy that mat which is durable and strong color which don’t get fad with time.

Best kitchen rugs for tile floors

There are many different materials that can be used for kitchen rugs, but most people prefer a rug made of cotton. Why? When you think about the space in your kitchen, it is probably one of the busiest places in your house with all sorts of activity happening at once!

It’s easy to see how everything from spilled drink or food particles to dirt and dust could easily get tracked into your home. One way to combat this problem is by investing in a high quality non-slip rug which will not only catch debris before it gets too far into the house but also help keep you safe on slippery surfaces.

We have selected the top 5 kitchen rugs for tile floors

  1. Prosource Fit Puzzle Exercise Mat
  2. Vinyl Floor Mat by mannington
  3. Set of 2 Interlocking Floor Gray Tiles by foghorn construction
  4. Forest Floor 3/8 Inch Thick Printed Foam Tiles
  5. Rubber-Cal 03_126_INT_WBK”Dura-Chef Interlock

Best rugs for tile floors

Tiles are great for many reasons, but they can also be a pain to keep clean. One of the most difficult things about tile floors is finding the right rug that will look good and feel comfortable. It’s important to find something durable enough to withstand constant foot traffic and still stand out in your space.

We’ve found 5 rugs below that we think would make an excellent addition to any home with tiled flooring!

  1. Prosource Fit Puzzle Exercise Mat
  2. Vinyl Floor Mat by mannington
  3. Set of 2 Interlocking Floor Gray Tiles by foghorn construction
  4. Forest Floor 3/8 Inch Thick Printed Foam Tiles
  5. Rubber-Cal 03_126_INT_WBK”Dura-Chef Interlock

How to choose a perfect rug for tile floors

1. Consider the size and shape of your room.
2. Choose a rug that matches the style of your home.
3. A rug should be large enough to cover most of the tile flooring in your house, but not too big so it doesn’t look crowded.
4. If you have a smaller area, consider using two rugs instead of one larger one.
5. Your rug should also match or complement your other decorating items such as furniture and art work.
6. When choosing colors for a rug, make sure they are neutral to help them blend with any color scheme throughout the house.


Kitchen mats are very beneficial to use in homes. Many types of kitchen mats are available o it is necessary to get some knowledge before buying them.

By using kitchen mats you will not get tired on your hard tile floors. Your kitchen will be clean and you will be safe from slipping.

So kitchen mats are a must to use on tile floors. This article has given brief some major information about mats. Some of the options along with their details are also given.

Again the choice is yours which one you want to buy?