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Top 5 Entry Mats for Hardwood Floor

This is such a classic solution that it seems trivial. Yet, many entry mats are so neglected that they are almost useless.

Rain, mud, animals, have dirtied them and made them a receptacle for dust and debris.

So for the holidays, give your entry mat a good clean or buy a new one. And remember to always use it, before entering the house.

  1. Refetone Non-Slip Entryway Mat: This mat is the best for dirt trapping and it has kids and pets safe material.
  2. Color&Geometry Front Entry mat for Hard Floor: Color&Geometry mats can quickly absorb moisture and mud. It has also Non-slip rubber backing support.
  3. SlipToGrip Washable Indoor Mat: It is a very beautiful mat. You could use it as a multipurpose mat. It has also a Weatherproof surface.
  4. GRIP MASTER Entry mat for Hardwood Floor: Best for use.
  5. Delxo Entrance Mat for Hardwood Floor

Home shoe cleaning mats

Home shoe cleaning mats

If you want to really make sure your guests clean their shoes before arriving in the living room, abound with floor mats.

Place one at the entrance to the living room and one in front of the kitchen door, so that you don’t carry around any bits of food that have fallen off while cooking.

Shoe tray

Place a shoe tray in the hallway, right next to the door. When you come back from days spent in the snow, take off your shoes and put them on them.

This way you will avoid carrying dirt around the house. During the holiday season, get at least one more for guests.

This solution gives its best with a floor protection mat placed at the entrance.

Basket of slippers

Once their shoes have been removed, guests certainly cannot walk around barefoot. That’s why you need a basket or bag full of fabric slippers.

Usually, you find them on the stalls of the local markets, sold for a few euros.

They are a slightly nicer and more comfortable solution than the usual skates.

How to protect the parquet with the floor protection mat

Holidays are a difficult time for floors, especially for more delicate ones. Often and willingly you arrive at the front door with shoes encrusted with frozen mud and snow.

There are relatives and friends walking around the rooms, not all with clean shoes.

Keep the fireplace or stove on, with the risk of the heat affecting the surrounding surfaces. In all this, how to protect a parquet or an equally delicate floor?

A floor protector helps you on these occasions. It serves to protect the parquet from animals, children, relatives and other “disasters”.

This way you can enjoy the holidays in complete tranquility, without the fear of them leaving their mark on the floors.

How to choose the best one and what to use instead?